Week Six Daily Mindfulness Exercises

It was good meeting with you all in class this week. With a bit of our discussion centering on the hurricane, below is a new set of recorded guided practice that draw upon the metaphor of the hurricane—with a little relaxing music.

This week practice, using Insight Timer every day for whatever length of time you choose—drawing upon my guided practice.

You are encouraged to increase the length of your practice up at five minutes (i.e., five dimes). Ideally, you are practicing for between 7 and 15 minutes a day. You need not practice on the weekend, unless you wish to do so.

At least once, listen to either the newly recorded 12 or 15 minute hurricane practice and send me, using Insight Timer, your observations. As always, you may message me as often as you wish.


—Feel free to listen to any of the recordings on Insight Timer, should you wish to practice in addition to the above assigned daily practice.

—For those of you who missed last weeks' class and were not there for the Snow Globe demonstration or the Learned Hand "4-7-8 Hands" exercise, visit the mindfulness practice page for last week to watch video segments.