Week Four Daily Mindfulness Exercises

This week you are left to your own "devices." By this we mean your Insight Timer App, and your mind.

By now you should have joined Insight Timer, practiced (last week) using just the timer, and this week you will use the App to listen to guided practices. Please practice each day, even if for
one minute.

Instead of writing on a Practice Card, you will use the App to message me your comments.

I have a handful of guided practices on Insight Timer. You may practice any ones you choose, as long as you practice
at least two that are five or more minutes.

At least
three times this week, please message me with your observations during the practice. I will reply to some/all of your messages.

If you are in any way confused by the use of Insight Timer, please call me at 786-239-9318 so we can discuss. The use of this App is intended to be helpful and make practice more accessible, not the opposite.

Also, if you choose, you may message me after you practice a Mindful Space with your observations.

P.S. Please be sure that you have joined the group "Mindfulness in Law." I am the facilitator of the group, which should become clear when you join.

Mindfulness Practice

2-Minute Mindfulness Practice

3-Minute Mindfulness Practice

4-Minute Mindfulness Practice

5-Minute Mindfulness Practice

5-Minute Body Awareness with Legal Twist

10-Minute Body Awareness with Legal Twist